Michigan Outdoor Wishmakers

Who We Are

Our Mission

The board members met each other through a shared passion for the outdoors.  In 2018 we collaborated and came up with the idea of taking individuals on hunting and fishing adventures.  We wanted to help those who thought they would never be able to experience the outdoors due to illness and/or disabilities.  Our goal is to make hunting and fishing possible for everyone, no matter what struggles a person lives with.  So we created the Michigan Outdoor Wishmakers.  In 2019 we did our first ever event as a charitable group.  Since that first hunt we have done some great adventures and created some strong relationships with many people.  God has blessed us with the ability to do this work and make deserving peoples dreams come true.     

Meet the Team

Dave Warners


Ben Terpstra


Korey Hatter


Benny Emeott


Derek Dalman


Jake Chasse



Our Partners

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