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Our Hunts

The Hunt

We would like to give you all a glimpse into what a hunt looks like.  Of course not every hunt is the same as far as the details, but this is a look into one of our adventures.  Hunts are usually a three or four day event.  Our hunters get outfitted with new camouflage clothing to aid them in their hunt.  We arrive at the ranch, get our guests situated in their rooms and give a tour of the lodge.  This time is used to introduce the team and volunteers to the hunters and introduce the hunters to each other.  We spend each morning and evening in the hunting in blinds watching the wildlife and looking for the right deer to harvest.  Access to the blinds is done with ATV side by sides that allow our hunters to be dropped off right at the blind’s door.

Evenings are spent gathered around a table in the lodge or the bonfire sharing stories and enjoying each others company.  The last evening we spend together we do our “Round Table” where everyone gets a few minutes to talk to the group and share what they enjoyed about their hunt, what they will bring home from the experience, and how they feel they have grow from the event.  There usually isn’t a dry eye during this and it is when we feel the group has become a family and will be there to support each other in the future.

You can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.      Philippians 4:13

Education is a big part of our adventures.  We want our participants to learn and appreciate the wildlife.  We spend the afternoons relaxing, growing in our relationships and partaking in different fun activities such as yard games, tractor drawn hay rides, shed hunts, or just sharing stories on the front porch.  One thing that is always made sure of is that no one goes home hungry from one of our events.  We have some amazing volunteers that help us prepare the meals and clean up after.  Our meals are “Deer Camp” foods such as breakfast casseroles, BBQ, and a grilled steak dinner the last night.  Our menu can be adjusted to any food allergy as well.     

Our Past hunts

Photo & Video Gallery

We take LOTS of photos and videos to commemorate our adventures.  Each year we have a video of that years events edited as a keep sake of our participants.  We create memories to last a life time and these galleries are so we can share them with all of you.  

Allen Creek Hunt 2021

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Allen Creek Hunt 2021

Add a small description of the hunters, time, ….. 

Allen Creek Hunt 2021

Add a small description of the hunters, time, ….. 

The Ranch

Since the beginning of the Michigan Outdoor Wishmakers we have used beautiful Allen Creek Ranch as the location of our hunts.  Allen Creek Ranch has nearly 600 acres of hunting ground and a warm and comfortable lodge with plenty of room for large groups.  The lodge and hunting blinds are all handicap accessible and cater to our guests’ needs.  Allen Creek Ranch has truly blessed us and helped us make these adventures reality.  If you would like to learn more about Allen Creek Ranch you can go to their website, acreekranch.com or check them out on Facebook.  

“Allen Creek Ranch has always enjoyed hosting the Michigan Outdoor Wishmakers and their guests.  The MOW crew always pours their hearts and souls into giving their hunters not only a great opportunity to hunt, but the whole hunting experience as well.  Their dedication to the hunters is first class'”

-The Meeuwsen Famliy – Ranch Owners


What does it cost ?

There is no cost to our participants to go on these adventures.  All costs are covered by our generous sponsors.    

Do we get to keep the Meat ?

Yes, weather you go on a fishing or hunting adventure you will get the meat.  We will clean and have your harvest processed.  We can also share a few ways to cook your harvest if requested.

What about gun safety ?

We always go over gun safety and do a little target shooting before we go hunting.  We also always use sound dampening ear protection incase a participant does not like loud noise.   

What does the typical menu look like ?

For our events that take place over multiple days we provide all the food.  The food is traditional “hunting camp” style meals.  We serve meals such as breakfast casseroles, deli meat sandwiches,  pulled pork dinners, hamburgers and hotdogs, and grilled steak dinner.  We also will adjust meals for allergies. 

What kind of equipment do we need to bring ?

You only need to bring clothing for the weather and any medical needs.  We provide all the hunting or fishing  equipment needed as well as the food and outfitting the participant with camouflage clothing for their hunt.  

I have mobility concerns ?

We have equipment to assist anyone with getting into the woods or on the water.  No one gets left out of a trip or event due to mobility. 


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